Mindful Moments


Meditation is not about the result. It is about the intention and attitude of mind. Get these right and the result will take care of itself.

Mindful Moments


Why meditate in the morning?  Clear the head, fresh start, be more mindful throughout the day and make better choices as a result.

Mindful Moments


Forget about achievement and attainment when you meditate, it is all about developing the right approach. Everything else takes care of itself.

Mindful Moments


Funny how we try and think our way out of an overly active mind, or makes plans for being more present at some stage in the future.

Moment of Silence

Rumi-On-SilenceWhen we take a moment of silence to commemorate some tragedy, usually before a sporting event, It makes me feel that by doing that little gesture we all who participate become present in that moment.

How do we keep that feeling and participate on a regular basis?

Mindful Moments

meditation-saidaonline - blackA Mindful Moment

I have been using the App called “Headspace” @ Headspace.com.  It supplies you with many meditations. They are almost all guided which is a nice thing.  I find it very helpful. recommend it highly.  Within the App there is a setting that instructs Headspace to send you up to 5 “Mindful moments” as text messages.  So I have decided to post the ones that inspire me.  Enjoy – I did.  I guess it isn’t plagiarism if I give them credit.  So here I go.

Same cafe, same people, sat in the same seats, ordering the same drinks every single morning and yet somehow, everything is always different.