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IMG_2181.JPG copy - Version 3Welcome to my blog.  My name is Beau Storch.

My desire to write this blog comes from wanting to help anyone who might be working through some difficulties. Problems arise with the stuff in our lives that we encounter daily.   Hopefully some words will trigger a change in consciousness or attitude that can help get through the stuff.

I have studied many aspects of self realization only to discover that there is so much to know.  The more I learn the more there is to learn. My teachers come from many walks of life.  I’m asked occasionally what religion do I subscribe to?  My answer, which I first heard from the Dalai Lama, is Kindness..

This world is made of materialistic and mind draining chores.  Learn to live from within and remember….

Its Only Stuff

Some of my interests are listed below and will be the focus of this blog.

Enlightenment/Spirituality, Minimalism, and Aging Athleticism

Enlightenment/Spirituality has simmered inside me for many years and has taught me how to deal with the rough patches of life.  The extreme peacefulness that arise makes the journey amazing.  We will be exploring many aspects that will assist us in becoming more mindful and peaceful.

I have consciously and deliberately decided to make changes that some would consider drastic in order to find that elusive Nirvana (not the band).  While reading and researching I came across a movement known as Minimalism. This philosophy is something that I’m enjoying and it’s bringing clarity to my life, an interesting by-product. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences as I venture into new territory.

Aging Athleticism – This has been an extremely challenging hurdle.  Growing up I was a soccer player with professional aspirations, I played competitively since I was 16 years old until I stopped playing in my early 40’s.

I have researched athletes that are aging as well as myself and I have some insight on how to deal with the body’s reluctance to cooperate.  I will be sharing my experiences as well as my findings of studies pertaining to the inevitable Declining Athleticism Syndrome, (DAS).  I just made that acronym up.  I think it fits.

I hope you enjoy reading and commenting on the words and ideas that will be posted during this journey.  My goal is to inspire, educate and free the clutter we have in our minds, closets and drawers.