Trying too hard?


Are you trying too hard?

I discovered an important lesson, accidentally.  Isn’t that how it always happens, accidentally.  The lesson was that sometimes we try too hard to make things happen.  Sometimes they just need to grow on their own, organically.

I seem to get in my own way at times.  Oh yeah, I’m human.

I’ve been struggling on looking for my passion.  Well I think I was trying way too hard and it was getting frustrating.

I learned along time ago on how to change the frustration feeling into a positive feeling.  I look at frustration as a trigger to tell myself that I’m getting ready to learn something new and make a breakthrough.  The “learning something new” works for me, replace your frustration with your own trigger.  Have fun with it.  It truly works.

So I took a step back to gain a different perspective and out of nowhere, all of a sudden I was presented with some clarity and direction.  It resonated so well with my morals and values.  I felt a feeling of relief as if a light illuminated the darkness that was heavy and overbearing at times.  All gone with a single swoop of inspiration.

I will be documenting my journey any comments are appreciated and…….

Remember It’s Only Stuff



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