Dogs – Really?


Dogs – Really?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I just got to thinking this morning while meditating, that I wanted to give thanks to all of my teachers.  All the people that come to mind are ones that inspired and challenged me to be a better person. However the ones that did so on a spiritual realm with such ease weren’t people at all,  they were and still are my dogs.  Now I know you are thinking, Dogs – Really?

Have I lost my mind?  Yes I have, and that is the point.  To lose your mind and just be without all the mental noise that the mind tends to burden us with, and my dogs show me the way.  However, sometimes they just want a cookie.

I have lived with many Zen masters, all of them cats – Eckhart Tolle

After reading that quote from Eckhart it made me look at my dogs in a different way. If you truly study them you will come to see that time is an illusion to them, actually its an illusion to us humans as well.

I’m sure you love the fact that when you arrive at home your dog is always happy to see you.  No matter what – unconditionally.  They live in the moment.  They don’t know what time it is.  If you were to ask a dog – “Hey dog, what time is it? ”  The dog would look at you (assuming he understood what you said) “Time ? The time is now. Isn’t it always now?

All this time I thought that my dogs were only good for the following things:

  • Chewing up everything
  • Shitting in the house
  • Barking for no reason
  • Farts that clear a room (seriously)

And those are the good things……

I have a new found respect for my beasts.  They have taught me to be more in the moment by their example.  We share many aspects of life with our dogs – We both breathe, have a heart, lungs, legs, eyes, nose, ears etc…  We use those senses in the same ways, however we obviously interpret them differently.

Nature’s amazing creatures – Us and Them

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