Are you Focused?

thHave things become out of focus? Have we lost the focus we once had? Are we not seeing things clearly?  Do the many lenses that we perceive life thru need adjusting?  Am I asking too many questions at one time? 

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind

For me it’s an on-going process and learning experience as my lenses are in a constant state of flux.  Adjusting and re-adjusting as if I’m landing an airplane on the tarmac, making sure to land it smoothly with as little bumpiness as possible.

We all have seen, experienced, lived on this planet with different lenses to see thru. We may all see the same accident but all see it differently by using the lenses/filters of our upbringing.  After all we are only the product of our environment or at least we derive many of our social attributes and nuances from our surrounding.

Are you looking for what you don’t have instead of appreciating what you do have? Isn’t that a recipe for anxiety or any other myriad of ailments?

Before you start looking outwards, do yourself a favor and bring the journey inside.  If the inside gets settled the outside will follow suit.  I’ve learned to look in my own backyard as i’ve found things that I thought were only achievable outwardly.  As I keep the focus on the inside I hit many roadblocks but continue to persist and move forward.  The journey is filled with emotions and experiences that allow us to learn and grow from the path we choose to follow.

Enjoy the path…..remember It’s Only Stuff

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