A New Coat Of Fresh Paint

thAt times a fresh coat of paint can bring in some new perspective.  Painting a room can have a dramatic effect on many facets from changing ones mood and outlook to increased energy and vitality. (depending on color and your mileage may vary)

A once red wine colored room is now being transformed to a clean new bright white.  The contrast between the two are startling but refreshing and alive.  The room is now beating with a different pulse and it feels really good.

The paint is a metaphor for the need to change our mindset and start a fresh path. Whatever you are struggling with can be dealt with easier when we start thinking differently.  When we start feeling instead of just reacting we engage our insides instead of focusing on the outside world.

If you’re feeling stagnant you might just want to paint a room a different color.  See if it has a positive effect on your life.  As always have fun with it, be free and let the creative energy flow.