Enter The Zone



If you have ever competed in any sport, then I’m certain you have entered the ZONE from time to time.

Such an elusive yet unbelievable place to find oneself.  Our only wish is to stay in the bliss forever, however as soon as we realize that we are in the Zone – then poof, it’s gone.  We are out and can’t get back in.

If your game is Basketball then it seems as though the basket is as large as a lake. Every shot seems to gracefully tickle the net on its way down.  If Soccer or Martial Arts is your thing the Zone makes everything slow down.  Every movement becomes poetry – you can see a few moves ahead and counter with ease and simplicity.  You make the activity seem extremely easy.

The greatest in their respective arenas are the ones that make it look easy.

The Michael Jordons , Kobe Bryants, Leo Messis make the game look so easy, that to me is true brilliance.

The real question is how to STAY in the ZONE.

I learned a technique called NLP.  Neuro-linguistic Programming.  Its a simple strategy that creates triggers that allow you to control your state.  Here is an example of how I used it to maintain the zone for longer periods.

  1. Once I felt the Zone, (If you have to ask what it feels like, then you have never been in the zone), I would create a physical trigger to that state.  Its best to exaggerate the state to a hightened intensity.
  2. I would snap my fingers and emphatically yell out “YES”.  I would do this many times while I was in that intense state.
  3. Once the Zone feeling disappeared, as it always does, I then would snap my fingers and give a yell of “YES”.  The trigger would be set off and it would allow me to enter the Zone easier.

BTW, this technique can be used for many aspects of life not just athletics.  Be creative and try to create your own positive triggers.  Be safe and enjoy the journey.


  1. I haven¡¦t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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