Buh Bye Cable TV

thFinally I was able to pull the plug, literally, on cable TV.  We’re on the road to eliminating all things that are a waste of time, space and money.  There are aspects of Cable TV that I have become very fond of and I thought it would be difficult to eliminate them.  So far its been good.  Less TV viewing and more reading, writing, and less wasting time.

I would find myself spending too many hours transfixed by TV and realizing there isn’t much worth watching anyway.  So Buh Bye Cable TV.  I’m looking around my house and thinking – What goes next ?  This is a long slow paced journey that will continue to evolve and make unexpected turns.  Be prepared to be flexible and really put some thought to see if you really need that “Thing”.  Have fun with it.

I challenge you to stop the bombardment of advertisements that TV floods us with. It’s like drinking water thru a firehose. Information is being delivered to us at an unprecedented rate, via iPhone, iMac, IShoePhone, iWhatever.  We wonder why ADHD became such a popular diagnosis.

1st Step: No Cable TV

It’s time to get back to the basics, back to Simplicity