One definition of mindfulness is present time, non-judgmental, investigative awareness. That’s a lot to take in.

Let’s break it down.

Start with present time. Present time means the now, the moment that we are experiencing right now at this exact moment. Not thinking about the past or the future just being with what ever comes up now.

Non-judgmental means to just be with the experience without adding any judgments to the thoughts. They are not good or bad, they just are. We as humans have been conditioned to judge, this is a moment of non-judging. Just seeing what the experience brings without any added habitual constraints.

Investigative means to look inward, remember this is an inside journey. We are trying to understand our inner landscape and how our inner world works and influences us and just investigate the experience again without any judgment. As we investigate our experience we can attempt to see it with what is considered “Beginners mind”. It means to see things as if it were the first time we see them. It brings us some new perspective to a sometimes-stale outlook.

Awareness means to simply pay attention to the body and mind and all the sensations that move us. We are always aware in our lives. The question to me is “What are we aware of?” When we are aware of awareness we can direct our attention to a wiser response to our life.  Become the watcher.

In my experience one of the best ways to be mindful is to simply pause. Pause and take a breath and feel the air enter into our bodies. Either we feel it at the tip of our nose or in our chest or even in the rising and falling of our belly. I go where I feel the breath the easiest. I usually focus on the entering and exiting of the breath at the tip of my nose feeling the cool air entering and the warmer air exiting.


Remember It’s Only Stuff

Be safe