De-Clutter your Workspace

clutter_cartoonAfter last weekends purging of non essential items at home I decided to tackle my desk at work. There were papers stacked up and filing that needed to be done. It looked and felt chaotic.

Slowly I was able to get rid of most of the outdated paperwork and moved all the unnecessary cables and such to higher ground.  Now my desk is clean and open for business. I have been able to concentrate more and feel great. I’ve also started to only have one project’s paperwork out on the desk at a time, seems to keep me focused.  Its not all cluttered and disorganized anymore.  I challenge you to do the same.

 It’s not what you do its how you do it. Do it while being present.


  1. As a Virgo – (and only Virgo’s or those who are married to, in a relationship with or perhaps know a Virgo) will understand the sheer delight when I learned that my fiancé who just happens to be the creator of this blog decided to “de-clutter” our home! It was music to my ears!!! Now don’t get me wrong – Beau is a very neat and organized man, however, to a Virgo everyone can be neater and more organized just like “us.” When the journey began just several weeks ago – we both tackled projects together, as well as, independently. It was amazing to see all the “stuff” we both accumulated over the years. Stuff that was collecting dust, stuff that was taking up room and stuff that we haven’t needed or used in years. We spent an entire Saturday and well into the night (1:30am) to be exact – boxing up books via category, putting together piles of clothes for donations, doggie shoes that the doggies have never worn, old lamps, paperwork from years ago all stacking up, paperback dictionaries (does anyone ever use those anymore since computers have been invented?). Oh and did I mention that it was my birthday weekend. This project took priority over everything else. By the next day our office closet was cleaned out and only the bare essentials were neatly placed back in the walk-in closet. It literally felt lighter in my mind and physically it made me feel calm. I took a deep breath and exhaled in absolute delight that I could actually walk into the walk-in closet without tripping over “stuff.” It also felt good to donate the clothes and other items to those less fortunate. I could finally breath!

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