The Voice Inside Our Heads


The Voice Inside Our Heads

We all have a voice inside our heads that talks to us most of the time. The accepted term to describe this inside voice is “The Inner Critic”.

Hopefully the voice is a positive one, however usually the voice is the opposite and critically judges us.

Lets break down the word “Inner Critic”


“Inner”  – The inside landscape of our existence. Something very personal.

“Critic”  – A person who judges, evaluates or criticizes.

I believe it’s very important to recognize if your Inner Critic is a positive or negative influence on your life. Once you determine that fact, then and only then, can we address our relationship to the voice in our heads. Changing our relationship to the voice is one of the keys to self realization and awakening.

Does your voice speak to you in nice terms or is it an oppressive critical voice?

Unfortunately for most of us the voice can be harsh and tell us things that are hurtful. Have you ever listened to the voice? I mean really listened? What do you hear? Do you hear hurtful words or encouraging words or maybe some words in between?

The thing to remember is that they are only words. Words are made up of letters put together and then turned into thoughts. The issue comes up when we think those words/thoughts are real, that they are believable.

Once we investigate them by turning towards the voice and see that not only can they be hurtful they are usually wrong. Why do we just believe our thoughts without even really thinking about it? Our minds tell us to do and think certain things and we just listen and obey without even giving it a second thought. It can be considered as a sort of brainwashing or just habitual, compulsive and unwise acts.

When I came to the realization that I don’t have to listen to my mind (Inner Voice/Critic) it literally changed my life. Don’t get me wrong the mind is an extremely useful tool if it’s used correctly. We should strive to use the mind and not let the mind use us. There is a subtle difference between them, however the impact between the two is immense.

“You carry all the ingredients to turn your life into a nightmare. Don’t mix them”

“You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy. Mix them, mix them”

– Hafiz –

Remember It’s Only Stuff…