Digital Insanity – Nuff said

Amazing and right on point. Even though I enjoy technology, he has a point.  People texting instead of talking, walking etc.  Is this a good thing for society?  It obviously has many positive aspects but the question is “Is it worth it?”

Thank you Jeremy for turning me on to this video.

Ah the good ole days…….are gone.

beausoccerAging Athleticism – Ready or not here it comes.

Ok so here’s the skinny.  What does an aging athlete do after his/her athleticism diminishes?

Whether you were an elite professional athlete, college, high school, or played pick up you will eventually encounter this phenomenon called “Aging.”

When your new friend, Aging, first arrives and knocks on your knees (enter your own appropriate aching body part(s) here) with his wand of stiffness – we think its ok.  After all we are used to feeling stiffness after workouts or games.  Then we realize the stiffness isn’t going away as quickly, if at all.  The small nagging injuries that we once laughed at become more serious and take longer to heal, if at all.

Don’t forget Aging’s other friends that get invited to this little party, pulled muscles, strains and sprains, fractures, Charlie horses – and those are just a few in the physical realm.

There is always the mental/emotional aspect that is ever present.  We cannot perform in the same manner – jumping, running, passing, shooting all become slowed and labored.

Aging’s wand of stiffness turns into an iron fist.

Ok we finally get it, the time has come to hang up the ole shoes.  Now what happens?

We are still very young in our minds and we go back and forth for a few more days, months, or years, (your mileage may vary), giving it one more try.  THEN……

We REALLY get it after one last injury.  We are done.  We finally come to the realization.

Ah the good ole days…….are gone.

This is where you have to get a handle on your mind and its old patterns.  Time to start changing the way we think and workout.  Keep in mind the good ole days are gone, however we still have plenty of life left.  All we have to do is change our mindset to start a new path.