Are you Passionate?


Passion – One of the elusive elements of life.

How does one find their true passions?  Do you know what your passion is?

Are you one of the lucky ones that have known their passion since they were a little wee one.  If so, I would consider yourself extremely fortunate.

For those of us who are searching for our own version of passion, I suggest to be patient yet diligent at finding it.

Don’t be hard on yourself – as I’ve been – trust me it doesn’t work. Be flexible and start the journey to discover our personal jolt that starts us up and keeps us going everyday.  Spend time learning new things, things that you wouldn’t do or haven’t done.  New adventures will open your eyes and mind to many different experiences.  Maybe one of those travels will inspire you and you might even find one of your passions along the way.  It’s the journey after all.

I’ve just finished reading a book entitled ” Finding Your Element” by Ken Robinson.  He is an amazing speaker.  If you’re not familiar with, I recommend you check it out. Here is a link for an amazing TED talk by Ken Robinson.

His latest book was inspiring.  I will review it in a future post.

I have started to look deeper and I will post the progress as I search for my meaning. Please join me in this journey and keep me posted as to your own progress.

Remember……It’s Only Stuff


thHere we go again…..

Pulled my back whilst in mid-sneeze. Where does it say in the definition below – “to also have the ability to pull a muscle in your back”. Damn spasmodic action

Remember It’s Only Stuff……..that we have to deal with.

 Sneeze – to emit air or breath suddenly, forcibly, and audibly through the nose and mouth by involuntary, spasmodic action.

I choose to look at this as a positive sign.  My body is telling me that I’m out of whack in some areas and I’m compensating for that wackiness elsewhere in my body.  This downtime gives me the opportunity to delve into the reasons for being out of balance.  I just let the feelings happen and I watch them without judgement.

Another opportunity to practice patience and mindfulness.  Seems to help me get through. Hope it helps you too.

Working Through Adversity

man-pulling-hair-out-2Ever feel like you just want to pull your hair out?  I know it looks like I already did, but mother nature beat me to the punch.

Working through Adversity can be very challenging but rewarding when you get to the other side.

Remember as always….It’s Only Stuff

“A problem can be compared to a mountain, if you perceive it by looking up at it from the bottom it will seem daunting and unachievable.  However if you face the mountain and go through it, you might discover that it was only paper thin” – Dr. Ronnie Kaye

I don’t recall the exact words, however that was the idea.  We struggle only to realize that the problem was not that difficult to deal with after all.

My experiences have led me to follow a few simple guidelines.  Maybe they might help you to realize that you are not alone and we all go through adversity in one way or another.

  • We are all on a journey without as much as a compass.  If you can’t find your own compass, seek others that will assist you in finding your own way. (there is no shame in asking for help)
  • Take a walk in Nature if at all possible.  The stillness and tranquility will do wonders and will assist you with a clear unobtrusive environment to think in.
  • Be kind to yourself.  I try not to beat myself up, cause it doesn’t do shit anyway.
  • Be willing to change old patterns and replace them with new & improved ones to achieve a better outcome. Be flexible.

All we can do is search for the proper path for each of us to follow.  As always be safe in your journey…


Can you hear the final whistle blow? Athletically speaking

thEvery aging athlete will eventually hear the final whistle blow.

Sports psychologists say that even though many athletes initially feel relief after finishing their athletic career, some still suffer depression and other mental-health issues for several years.

Personally speaking I believe I suffered from a mild case of depression after my latest knee surgery.  It was needed due to over use through out my athletic career.  Believe it or not there is a psychological phase that retired athletes go through that parallels the loss of a loved one or another tragic event.  Kinda crazy.

I found that replacing the competitive fire with another passion makes the transition easier.  Still not easy but a bit easier.

An interesting article entitled “Psychological effects of Retirement in Sport”.  Check it out at the link below.

Loss of Identity

A study by Lavallee & Grove (1997), identified that individuals with a high athletic identity at the time of retirement were more likely to experience a higher degree of  emotional adjustment difficulties.  Very interesting article.

There is a lot of focus needed to excel in athletics and that focus needs to be harnessed and directed to another avenue.  I know it sounds simple……but its challenging.

Another study I found – North and Lavallee (2004) – looked at how athletes plan their lives after retirement and found that after athletes retire they focus primarily on starting a professional career, taking a degree, having a family and enjoying life.

“Nothing could satisfy me outside the ring… there is nothing in life that can compare to becoming a world champion, having your hand raised in that moment of glory, with thousands, millions of people cheering you on.” – Sugar Ray Leonard

We need to change our identity from athletes to former athletes.  We should acknowledge the differences between them and learn how to prepare for them.  I look at the whole thing as a transition to the next chapter.  I enjoyed my athletic career and now I’m looking forward to understanding where we go from here.

Remember…..It’s only stuff

Buh Bye Cable TV

thFinally I was able to pull the plug, literally, on cable TV.  We’re on the road to eliminating all things that are a waste of time, space and money.  There are aspects of Cable TV that I have become very fond of and I thought it would be difficult to eliminate them.  So far its been good.  Less TV viewing and more reading, writing, and less wasting time.

I would find myself spending too many hours transfixed by TV and realizing there isn’t much worth watching anyway.  So Buh Bye Cable TV.  I’m looking around my house and thinking – What goes next ?  This is a long slow paced journey that will continue to evolve and make unexpected turns.  Be prepared to be flexible and really put some thought to see if you really need that “Thing”.  Have fun with it.

I challenge you to stop the bombardment of advertisements that TV floods us with. It’s like drinking water thru a firehose. Information is being delivered to us at an unprecedented rate, via iPhone, iMac, IShoePhone, iWhatever.  We wonder why ADHD became such a popular diagnosis.

1st Step: No Cable TV

It’s time to get back to the basics, back to Simplicity

Weekly Quote

You breathed on me and made my life a richer one to live
When I was deep in poverty you taught me how to give
Dried the tears up from my dreams and pulled me from the hole
Quenched my thirst and satisfied the burning in my soul – Bob Dylan

Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle

tolle-dalai-lamaIf you have never heard of Eckhart Tolle, (Pictured with the Dalai Lama), I recommend highly that you examine his work. He has written “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth – Awakening to your life’s purpose”. Those are just two of his most popular books.  Both amazing and inspirational.

I’ve read many of Eckhart Tolle’s books and listened to some of his speaking engagements.  I find that his sense of awareness resonates deep within me and I use some of his teachings on a daily basis.

The book entitled “Stillness Speaks” taught me many things that I would like to share and I’m hopeful some of the words will echo within you.  I learn something new every time I read the book.  The essence of this book is not in the words but within yourself.

In the next following weeks I will be posting as we examine each chapter and I encourage open discussions as I post some of his teachings.  I’m hopeful we will each learn something that we can use in our daily lives.

We will start with an introduction to get the ball rolling.

A true spiritual teacher does not have anything to teach in the conventional sense of the word, does not have anything to give or add to you, such as new information, beliefs, or rules of conduct. The only function of such a teacher is to help you remove that which separates you from the truth of who you already are and what you already know in the depth of your being” – Eckhart Tolle

Above is the opening paragraph of the book. As we can see it explores the inner workings of who we are – our true self or being.  I had to read that a few times before it started to make sense to me. Basically he’s saying, at least to my interpretation, that a good teacher can show us that we already possess the truth within us and assist us in removing the stuff in the way.

Remember…..It’s Only Stuff


Ok, you gotta go

thI just finished reading a book entitled
The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life – Francine Jay

I learned many things from that book and it has inspired me to tell my stuff…..


I’m systematically going through all of my stuff and interviewing each piece. I know it sounds weird, but it works and it makes sense. Try it. Pick up any object in your home and ask it the following questions:

Why are you here?
How did you get here?
Do you bring me joy or happiness? If not, do I still need to take care of you?

If the answers you receive are inadequate the object must go.  Trash it, Sell it, or Give it away.  Don’t let it sit there.  Don’t forget…..

It’s Only Stuff

Here’s your task for today.  Look around your home and question a few of your objects and see how it goes.

One less object in your home is a small victory.  Keep going.  The feelings you will encounter will be surprising.   Let go and be free grasshopper