Engage Simplicity

What an amazing and freeing experience to delve deep into capturing the simplicity that life has to offer.  We get all caught up in the stuff that we have been taught is important.  Is it really important to attempt to devour all the material wealth you can digest?  I have been asking myself that exact question.  I have many material possessions that I felt would bring me happiness. They are no longer working and when they did it was extremely short lived.  Happiness comes from in not from the out.  If you truly are interested in making positive changes that will bring awareness……

Try a few of the following daily tips on how to Engage in Simplicity

  • Turn off your cell phone for 1 hour a day.  (Don’t worry the world won’t come to an end)
  • Be still for 10 minutes.  Sit in a quiet undisturbed place
  • Focus on your breath

See how you feel after one week.  What do you have to lose?